​X-Excel believes that we must encourage growth and career development by providing on-going support and training to the people we serve and to our wonderful staff.  

This page highlights some trainings that we are currently working on!

My Plate

The My Plate, which replaced the food pyramid, is an image of a plate that shows amount and the type of food that should be consumed at each meal.  Eating well is a crucial part to physical and emotional health. The nutrition in food helps regulate moods, energy, and overall health!

This training is co-run by 2 people we serve along with our development manager. Frank who works at Jackson was able to start out the training by talking about his history with diabetes and his interest in eating well to avoid further medication needs.

As of January 2018, we have almost completed a full round of this training in all day habs. Our next goal is to start talking about healthier drink options. Some questions we will answer are: Is diet pop the healthiest option? What is in flavored water? How do you know what's healthiest?

Power Tool Training

X-Execl has always believed that whether you have a disability or not, if you are interested in doing something and can do it safely, then what's stopping you from learning?

Training classes have been offered in all day habs to employees interested in learning how to safely run and operate power tools. At least 40 people have gone through training on how to use one or all of the following: drills, sanders, wood-burners, nail guns, jigsaws, and reciprocating saws. 

Jake who works at Alliance decided to create a Power Point presentation with embedded videos to introduce and thoroughly teach people how to operate their Miter Saw. 

After his presentation was such a success, he learned how to use Prezi, a presentation format that we use at X-Excel. He has finished a presentation with embedded videos for each power tool that we use. 

Jake now does most of the trainings and his presentations are now used as a guide for our classes! 


Often, the best way to learn is through a conversation. All of our day habs have regular discussions on various topics. 

Many cover topics that specifically appy to the people at their site, while some topics have been covered by all. 

All day habs have covered topics on socail media use, internet scams, customer service, how to deal with a difficult situation, kindness, balancing workplace friendships, working with a former partner, and steps to take when going on a job interview. 

Other topics that have been covered in various sites are: computer basics, sign language, leadership steps,  self-improvement, sports-talk, ways to stay calm, and world travelers group (discovering a new country or city).