While X-Excel came into existence on January 1st of 2016, this is not an entry level company! Our owner, Tom Rickels has over 34 years of experience in the DD field. These experiences range from all types of residential settings and waivers to over 10 years of creating innovative ways to operate Day Habs for persons with disabilities.
Mr. Rickels is also one of the founding members of the Ohio Waiver Network (OWN) which is designed to assist providers in navigating the current DD system and provide input to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. OWN operates on the principle of cooperation, collaboration, and system simplicity.
The Director of Day Habs, Annette Wood started in the field as CFO, however her passion of working with people with DD was obvious. She now has over 6 years of service as a Director and we are looking forward to many more.
Simply stated, our future is bright. We offer paid opportunities to persons with DD and embrace the concepts of Person Centered Planning. The need for greater community integration and continuous education for our staff with a "Good Life" training allows for persistent growth.  
X-Excel is ready for the future! 
See what a difference a nurturing environment makes. Our doors are always open!
The vision of X-Excel is to provide quality day services that contribute to persons with developmental disabilities to improve their lives and allow them to become integrated into their local communities to the extent they choose. 
Fox 8 New Day Cleveland filmed at the Jackson location!

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X-Excel is a Stark County Gold Star Member!
Corporate Office
  1. Annette Wood: Director
    Annette Wood: Director
  1. Tom Rickels: Owner
    Tom Rickels: Owner
Tom Rickels

Annette Wood

  1. Jeannette Coleridge: Development Manager
    Jeannette Coleridge: Development Manager
  1. Charlotte Miller: Office Manager
    Charlotte Miller: Office Manager
Jeannette Coleridge

Charlotte Miller

Alliance Day Hab
Ashland Day Hab
  1. Kendra Van Zile: Program Coordinator
    Kendra Van Zile: Program Coordinator
  1. Michele Lane: Program Coordinator
    Michele Lane: Program Coordinator
Michele Lane
Kendra Van Zile
Jackson Township Day Hab
North Canton 1 Day Hab
  1. Kelly Fox: Program Coordinator
    Kelly Fox: Program Coordinator
  1. Barbara Yun: Program Coordinator
    Barbara Yun: Program Coordinator
      Barb Yun
​        Kelly Fox
North Canton 2 Day Hab
  1. Whitney Cresong:  Program Coordinator
    Whitney Cresong: Program Coordinator
Whitney Cresong​